The main aim of this project is to support the integration and continuity of the vocational high school students who have low academic skills especially to the school life through science, technology and art-assisted extracurricular activities. With the project, we aim to develop  not only their professional skills, but also their creativity and aesthetic skills, to make them be the individuals who make a difference, and to create creative value-added creative works. that vocational high school students need to have in the labor market that they attend when they graduate.


The main issues and objectives identified by the project are as follows;:

1-To meet the needs of qualitative skills development  that occur in individuals   due to changing and developing occupations:

2-To produce innovation in the axis of value through art, science and technology studies and to contribute to the development of our social problem solving ability

3- By spreading  the scientific, artistic and technological studies throughout the society, to provide role models to be a good model to meet with the community and students, to contribute to the development of social self-confidence